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31 January 2023

A Smarter Approach to Investor Allocation

Accuracy and efficiency when accounting for and servicing investors

For many firms, investor accounting tasks such as managing investor capital flows, tracking investor allocations, and calculating fees as part of a NAV calculation are a tedious and time-consuming process. Moreover, this approach is highly inefficient and risky, if not executed properly. Complying with regulatory obligations is an essential component of a fund manager's investor servicing obligation to LPs; any deviation could result in both financial penalties, as well as damage to a firm’s reputation. This risk could be more even more damaging, as investors lose faith in the firm’s ability to live up to its service level agreement.

To alleviate the hurdles of this onerous process, many firms are looking to technology vendors that excel in these operational tasks associated with investor servicing. SS&C Advent Geneva®, a comprehensive investor accounting and servicing solution, is now available for clients who leverage SS&C Advent’s Managed Operations offering. Employing our team brings automation and efficiency to your processes, as we are responsible for handling all the duties associated with managing your investor allocation, including delivering you a comprehensive NAV reporting package. This takes a heavy burden off your firm’s back-office and significantly reduces the risk of errors, all while ensuring timely delivery of investor statements and reporting.  

Freedom to focus on your business

A primary differentiator of leveraging Managed Operations is a firm is not required to complete a lift out of their middle and/or back office. This model allows organizations to pick the services they need and customize them for optimal results. It helps firms tailor their operations according to their specific needs.

Investor allocation as a service is just the latest example of the expansion of our Managed Operations. Managers of hedge funds, private equity, and private credit are turning to Geneva for two major benefits: to reduce IT costs and to lighten the workload on middle- and back-office staff. Our team serves as an extension of yours; handling the routine tasks, such as daily reconciliation and data management, while your internal team focuses on more value added operational and revenue generating functions.

For a more efficient and accurate way to account for and service investors, read our brief, or request a demo with our specialists today. You can also download our white paper, “What to Look for in a Managed Services Provider,” to learn more.