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28 April 2021

Discover the Newest Features in Geneva’s Latest Release

Building a true partnership with our clients through consistent engagement and use of their feedback into our bi-annual releases is the primary driver of the Geneva® roadmap. The April 21.1 release is the culmination of diligent work in research, development, and testing, with enhancements prioritized in collaboration with our clients. Updates available in this release offer a more modern and flexible integration and continued focus on simplifying upgrades, as well as keeping at the forefront of asset class and accounting changes. 

To empower Geneva clients further and optimize their operational workflows, new features include: 

  • Supporting the transition away from LIBOR to other risk free rates, like SOFR, for all alternative asset classes 
  • Streamlining exception management workflows and data staging with SS&C Advent Lumis® 
  • Introducing REST API, providing a flexible and lightweight alternative to the SOAP API that is more efficient and reliable 
  • Continuing the evolution of creating user-friendly, custom reports in Geneva World Investor by providing necessary filtering options to narrow down the data set 

Geneva Development Plans for LIBOR Cessation

Since the decision to sunset LIBOR, the Geneva team are proactively staying abreast to the market and addressing key requirements, as well as proactive in providing clients with timely information on development plans that impacts their workflows. To help push information to our clients in a consistent fashion, we have launched the Geneva LIBOR Cessation page, which is now available on Community.  

This dedicated hub provides timely information to help you easily track and prepare for Geneva’s development plans as we transition from LIBOR to risk-free rates (RFRs) like SOFR. Updates to the page will be made periodically, so for more information on the transition away from LIBOR, visit the Geneva LIBOR Cessation page frequently. 

Streamlined Exception Management Workflows and Data Staging with Advent Lumis  

In this release, we believe one of the most exciting Advent Lumis features allows users to wrap automated and actionable workflow steps around the exception management process. This new feature facilitates the exception management lifecycle by integrating data management functions within task oriented workflows allowing users to identify, review, track, and action their data issues from the Lumis workflow steps that they have created. In addition, we have enhanced the data staging feature within Lumis with more maker-checker and data staging rule configuration options, as well as enhanced dashboard views. 

The April 21.1 Release  

The reciprocal relationship we share with our clients is second to none and the qualitative feedback they provide propels us to build trusted solution. The April release is about empowering our clients with the latest features and functionality to support the transition away from LIBOR, a flexible Rest API, and enhancing the exception management process.  

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the new features and functionalities available; for more details, clients are encouraged to visitAdvent Community. 

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