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08 November 2022

Everything you need to know about the SS&C Advent Geneva October Release

Clients who have been using the Advent Geneva® platform for a while know the release cycle is more than a semi-annual ritual. The Geneva team works all year-round to improve the platform and move it forward, to ensure it is keeping pace with changing business requirements, movements in the markets, and new product offerings. Simultaneously, we are leveraging new technologies and always looking for ways to streamline workflows, eliminate manual steps, and deliver an efficient and differentiated user experience.

We continue to invest strategically in modernizing the Geneva technology stack

This second release cycle for Geneva continues our commitment to delivering new functionality and enhancements for the year. It reflects our goals of elevating the client experience and broadening the platform’s integration capabilities. As always, client feedback and ideas have helped us set the priorities to address in this phase of the Geneva roadmap.

As the private equity market and the trend towards closed-end funds continues to flourish, this release addresses it by offering increased flexibility on performance fees, carried interest, and investor transfers to support our clients who trade in these asset classes and manage these types of funds. We also continued to invest in web-based workspaces by simplifying the installation, expanding upon the REST API capabilities, and adding new workflows for transaction allocation methods and updating credit contracts. Moreover, new authentication, replication, and monitor services added to our core platform will provide new avenues to keep your data secure and reliable.

During our bi-annual release webinar, we explored these and other enhancements in key areas that matter to our clients. Here’s the highlight reel:

  • Complex accounting and asset class coverage: Enhancements that provide additional support for bonds, asset-backed securities, and swaps
  • Investor accounting and closed-end workflows: Greater flexibility and precision, with improved reporting and fund-level data analysis capabilities
  • Data governance and operational efficiencies: Increased workflow automation with several intuitive navigation guides that improve the task workflow and exception management experience

Our collaborative relationship with clients is second to none and the qualitative feedback they provide propels us to build trusted solutions

Geneva is the proven solution for asset managers, hedge funds, fund administrators, prime brokers, and Family Offices that require a high level of operational efficiency and easy access to real-time data. Geneva enables firms to manage complex investment vehicles, multiple investment strategies, and tiered fund structures. What’s more, SS&C Advent is continually reinvesting in enhancements to keep our clients ahead of an ever-evolving, global marketplace.

For a comprehensive list of all the new features and functionalities available, clients are encouraged to visit SS&C Advent Community. To learn how your firm can grow with Advent Geneva, request a demo.