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05 November 2020

Explore the Newest Features in Geneva’s Latest Release

Client feedback is a significant driver of our Geneva® roadmap. Which is why we’re elated to share the newest features in the Geneva October release. As with all product updates, this is the culmination of meticulous work in research, development, and testing, with enhancements prioritized in collaboration with our clients.

To empower clients further with next generation features, our clients’ input is reflected in our October release that continues the evolution of Geneva’s user-centric workspaces to simplify and automate complex tasks. Additional Geneva enhancements include:

  • Supporting the transition away from LIBOR to Risk Free Rates (RFRs), like SOFR
  • Reviewing market event eligibility and the impact to your positions with the asset servicing workspace
  • Simplifying equity swaps with streamlined investment setup and processing
  • Enhancing task management workflows with Advent Lumis
  • Accelerating your upgrades by expanding Geneva Migration Manager capabilities


Manage the cessation of LIBOR with Geneva
Since the decision to sunset LIBOR in favor of other RFRs, such as SOFR, the Geneva team has been proactive in addressing basic SOFR requirements. Moving forward, we will continue to provide our clients necessary functionality to prepare for key dates and events. This October 2020 release: 

  • Continues the transition with more added functionality, including flat compounding for bank debt and asset backed securities
  • Offers clients core functionality to start the transition to SOFR across all fixed-income security types

For more information on the transition away from LIBOR, watch our session at Engage.

Asset Servicing Workspace & Master Swap Investment
In this October release, users can now view market wide events to show portfolio eligibility, and position impacts across the universe of your funds within the asset servicing workspace. Additionally, within this workspace, Geneva provides the ability to view asset servicing events for a date range by investment or event type across all portfolios and workflows to exempt or override specific portfolios from an event.

Additionally, Geneva now simplifies your equity swaps with streamlined investment setup and processing. A key enhancement to swaps includes:

  • Master Swap Investment: Enables streamlined investment setup and better workflows for equity total return swaps, equity bullet swaps, and equity CFDs


Enhancing task management workflows with Advent Lumis
Building off of the Geneva April release earlier this year, significant enhancements to the task management workflow, or the automated checklist style, are now available. New features allow users to: 

  • Manage Geneva, Geneva World Investor, and external system processes via automated workflow steps allowing users to track progress, trigger events, automate required email notifications, and streamline task completion and approval workflows
  • Automatically create, update, and close Geneva accounting calendars from the corresponding workflow step in Advent Lumis
  • Support both daily and non-daily fund processes and SLA deadlines, including notifications and critical status updates when steps are overdue

Accelerate your Geneva upgrade and reduce costs
Finally, upgrading Geneva can be a complex project, which is why we are augmenting this experience with Geneva Migration Manager (GMM). New, advanced technology now available includes custom reporting comparison, virtual table reconciliation, and reconciliation scheduler. For more details on Geneva Migration Manager, watch our webinar and read our blog on the remote implementation experience.

The October release
The engagement and direct feedback our clients provide is immeasurable and drives us to develop forward-looking solutions. With all the new enhancements available, as well as the cessation of LIBOR in the coming year, there has never been a better time to upgrade to the latest Geneva release.

Also, we’re excited to share that Geneva was recently recognized by US Private Equity Wire and Hedgeweek for two awards, Best Portfolio Management Software Provider and Best Fund Accounting and Reporting, respectively. This is a testament to the talented team behind Geneva’s gold standard reputation in portfolio accounting, comprehensive asset class coverage, and investor servicing; all essential to our clients’ growth.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the new features and functionalities available; for more details, clients are encouraged to visit Advent Community. To learn how your firm can grow with Geneva, request a demo