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14 February 2023

SS&C Advent’s Professional Services: How Our Implementation Team Helps Clients Get it Right from the Start

How can a firm accelerate its ROI of SS&C Advent’s Geneva® and start seeing the benefits from day one?

It starts with a smooth and efficient implementation process where all of your workflows are configured, all of your integrations set up, all of your data scrubbed, all of your teams are properly trained, and all functionality is rigorously tested before going live. The best way to achieve this is to plan your implementation with the SS&C Advent Professional Services team.

The people behind the solutions

Professional Services is our consulting arm, responsible for ensuring our clients realize the full value of our solutions. From the initial implementation and solution training, to “lift-ins” from on premise installations to the cloud, our project managers and consultants follow proven methodologies, backed by decades of experience, to deliver successful projects on schedule and within budget.

The implementation team responsible for Geneva includes not only our Professional Services consultants, but also experts from the product teams, Managed Services team, and SS&C Advent University trainers. These are the people who know Geneva best – so who better to get you up and running properly?

What does an implementation project look like?

In the pre-pandemic days, an implementation typically involved our project managers and consultants spending time on-site at the client’s offices. When business closures and restrictions made that impossible, the teams seamlessly adapted to remote work and found that they could be as successful and efficient overseeing implementations in a virtual environment. This has become even more apparent as an increasing number of clients have moved to a managed services model, and much of the implementation work now takes place behind the scenes.

In either case, in-person or virtually, there is always a high level of interaction between the Professional Services team and the client stakeholders, starting with a project planning workshop and continuing through the various phases of implementation. The Professional Services team asks the right questions to fully understand the nuance of the client’s business, while helping the client think through more efficient and streamlined processes that take full advantage of Geneva’s capabilities.

Meet the SS&C Advent Professional Services team

In our new SS&C Advent Professional Services guide, we walk through the phases of a typical implementation, while our consultants describe in their own words what they do and why they do it. It will help you understand what to expect in the implementation process, as will as the experience and skill level of the people who will be working on your project.

The implementation team and the client operations team get to know each other very well over the course of a project. Download our guide and learn about Professional Services.