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17 March 2021

It’s the Service Behind the Software

What comes to mind when you think of what sets apart excellent vendors you work with from those you only tolerate? Is it what the thing (software/widget) does, the old cost to value argument, or perhaps something else a little more intangible?

As a tech-savvy ”Older Millennial”, process guy, and Dad of two who consumes a lot of products and services, the ones that make the cut for me are: time saving, well serviced, and convenient. These are all really intangible and fluffy terms, but they are important.

That being said, I will drop a solution at the drop of the hat the first time I run into a problem if the provider does not have good service behind it. If I have to spend a ton of time troubleshooting an issue on my own, or reading through documentation, suddenly the equation inverts and the solution is no longer convenient or time saving, making the service the most important factor. I find this to be true even for free services, I will gladly switch to a paid solution for better service.

I’m privileged to work with not only some of the best financial technology in the business, but some of the best people in the business – the people within SS&C Advent’s Professional Services team. We’ve worked diligently over the last several years to level up our practice model to ensure that our clients not only get the most out of their technology investments, but know that they have a true partner in the success of their business. Perhaps more fitting: an extension of their business – the service behind the software.

Sometimes, it really is something intangible that matters the most.

Last week we received good news: our Professional Services team is shortlisted for Best Professional Services Provider at the 2021 Financial Technologies Forum Technology Innovation Awards, an industry award that honors providers that offer cost-effective, customized support amid crisis conditions. (#2020 anyone?) You can vote for us here in category 22.

I’m humbled and incredibly proud to be a part of the SS&C Advent Professional Services team where we work every day to make sure our clients have a partner they can trust, can maximize their tech’s ROI, and level up their operations in tangible and measurable ways to realize long-lasting results. If you’re on the fence about bringing in a professional services consultancy, some of the benefits of working with an exemplary professional services organization include:

  • Knowledgeable experts to partner with you to optimize your workflows and maximize your ROI on technology investments
  • Dedicated, experienced project management resources to lead your engagement
  • Sophisticated upgrade process to ensure your transition is smooth and adds value
  • Seamless exchange of data and insights to better leverage all of your technology investments
  • Custom utilities and reports to unlock your data and meet the needs of your business and your clients more efficiently

If you’re ready to get started, or would like a complimentary proposal, we can help. We can partner with your team to help you define and evaluate your current tech investment planning strategy, build metrics to measure your firm’s success, and help plot a new course that better matches your firm’s overall goals. Request a complimentary proposal with our team to help drive positive change and improvement in your firm.