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18 December 2018

Lincluden Accelerates and Simplifies Rebalancing with Advent Genesis

Lincluden Investment Management previously utilized a trade-order-management system with built-in modeling functionality that served the firm well for many years. However, as the number of accounts grew, the Canadian firm ran up against the system’s limitations, especially in the process of modeling to trade creation. “It took a long time and it just wasn’t scalable for a growing client base,” explains Glen Pichanick, Lincluden’s AVP for Trading.

Around the time the firm began the search for a new system, SS&C Advent had launched Advent Genesis. Its cloud-based portfolio construction, rebalancing, and trade creation solution, within the trading and compliance suite that also includes Moxy® OMS and Advent Rules Manager®.  As a long-time user of Advent Portfolio Exchange® (APX), Lincluden was very familiar with SS&C Advent and valued the support they had received over the years. That helped tip the scales in favor of SS&C Advent – and Advent Genesis further tipped the scales toward the full Moxy suite.

Lincluden went live in June 2018, and has already seen measurable improvements over its previous system – particularly the speed and ease of rebalancing with Advent Genesis. “It definitely cuts down on the amount of time and the number of clicks,” Glen says. “If I’m rebalancing multiple accounts, it would have taken at least half an hour in the old system, and now it can be just a few minutes.”

Lincluden’s feedback has been extremely valuable to the Genesis development team as it continues to refine the product and plan out the roadmap. “We were able to work directly with the Genesis team and help shape the product to our needs,” says JoAnne Kekes, the firm’s AVP of Information Technology. “They listen to us, and a lot of the suggestions that will make our life easier are slated for future release.”

Moreover, unlike a system that could not scale with the firm’s growth, the SS&C Advent suite presents no such problem. As Glen puts it, “We’ll be able to double or triple the number of accounts we have without really increasing the amount of time we spend on rebalancing or trade generation.”

To learn more about the advantages Lincluden has realized in rebalancing, trading and compliance, read the full case study.