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26 December 2023

The Year in Blogs | Unpacking the Best of 2023's Must-Reads

Along with continuously improving our platform and services, one job we take seriously on the advisory team is helping our clients stay informed of industry trends and advancing technologies. Judging from the blogs that generated the most views in 2023, advisors are clearly interested in exploring new applications, solutions, and services that can help them enhance their offerings and strengthen client relationships. See what piqued your peers’ curiosity this past year and, as the saying goes, join the conversation.

  1. Direct Indexing: Hidden Advantages for Financial Advisors
    The concept of direct indexing – replicating a popular index's risk/return characteristics while retaining the flexibility to trade individual holdings – has reinvigorated a large swath of the wealth management business. It enables advisory firms to offer personalized, SMA-like portfolios to their clients at scale. Tax-efficient strategies are probably the most significant selling point for direct indexing. Still, as the title of this blog suggests, there are other "hidden advantages" that may be just as compelling.
  2. End the Suspense - How Oil and Gas Investors Can Recover Millions in Suspended Funds
    This article generated a surprising amount of interest. Owners of underground mineral rights, including oil and natural gas reserves, may need to learn exactly what they own or what it's worth, or they may not receive full value from these wells. If well operators cannot locate the rights owners, they have to put the money owed in a "suspended funds" account – and it is up to the owners to claim it. Find out how SS&C MineralWare can help locate your clients' holdings, determine what they are owed, and free up their suspended funds.
  3. A Simpler Solution for CRM | And A Truly Unified Experience for Advisors
    Advisors who need a robust CRM system may also require more resources to support the ongoing administration of a big, sophisticated platform. The Black Diamond CRM is delivered as a managed service and administered by the Black Diamond team, helping advisors tighten the integration between client profiles and their portfolios.

And now, take a look at the most popular blogs generated by product leaders from the SS&C Black Diamond® Wealth Platform:

  1. Mapping the Road Ahead in 2023
    Every January, we lay out our vision and priorities for Black Diamond in the coming year. This blog always gets a lot of attention as both users and prospective clients want to know where the platform is headed and the thinking driving our roadmap. Review some of our commitments from a year ago and see if they align with your firm’s priorities. If you’re not a Black Diamond client, perhaps you should look at all we have to offer your business!
  2. Black Diamond Wealth Platform | Pursuing Relationship Alpha with SS&C Rendezvous
    The client relationship is an RIA's most valuable asset. So, how do you reduce the time spent managing portfolios to spend more time building relationships? SS&C Rendezvous delivers outsourced portfolio models and automated proposal generation to help you provide high-quality, relevant investment solutions more efficiently. Learn how it can help you achieve "relationship alpha" – optimizing the return on your investment of time.
  3. Optimizing Your Firm’s Service Experience
    Check out the many initiatives our Client Experience team undertook over the last year to ensure advisors get the best value out of their Black Diamond relationship – including support from our dedicated people and outstanding platform.

We are constantly working on new and better solutions to help our wealth management clients deliver superior service to their clients. We're looking forward to another exciting year of putting new ideas into action and keeping our clients at the forefront of a fast-moving industry.

From our team to yours, have a Happy New Year, and we look forward to partnering with you in the year ahead.

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