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#17: Future Proofing Your Business | October Geneva Release

The Geneva team works year-round to move the platform forward, ensuring it keeps pace with changing business requirements, market pressures, and new product offerings. Join Brant Snyder and Niamh Kerrigan as the explore how SS&C Advent Geneva is continuing to leverage new technologies to enhance efficiencies and meet market demands to future proof your business.


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Brant Snyder

Guest Speaker | Director, Product Management, SS&C Advent

Brant is based in Boston, MA. Brant joined SS&C Advent in 2011 supporting both Geneva Portfolio Accounting and Investor Accounting. He held several management positions within the support organization spanning several products before joining the Geneva Product Management Team in 2021. His current responsibilities include working closely with clients to assess new functionality requirements and prioritize the product roadmap. Brant holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Virginia Tech.

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Niamh Kerrigan

Guest Speaker | Relationship Manager Director, SS&C Advent

Niamh Kerrigan is a Director, Strategic Relationship Manager at SS&C Advent. Based out of New York, Niamh supports SS&C Advent’s strategic clients who license Geneva World Investor and Syncova in the Alternative Investment group. Her focus has been working with clients to understand their unique technology, operations and accounting needs to ensure SS&C solutions help them be successful in their goals. Prior to joining SS&C Advent, she had 4 years of experience working in fund accounting and operations at SAC Capital. Niamh is a graduate of University of Delaware, where she earned her degree in Finance and Economics.

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Jasmin Conner

Host | Sales Engineer, Black Diamond, SS&C Advent

Jasmin Conner is a Sales Engineer for Black Diamond, an SS&C Advent company. She has an extensive background in working with wealth management to understand their unique business and technology needs and provide tailored solutions and services to meet those needs.

Based out of the great city of Jacksonville, FL, Jasmin enjoys spending quality time with her family, volunteering in her community, and exploring her interests in economics, history, and art.

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Trent Berry

Host | SS&C Advent

Informally known as ”The Voice of University,” Trent Berry joined SS&C Advent at the turn of the century in 2000, having previously worked in Support and Consulting before occupying his current long standing role as Advent’s Senior Instructional Designer As such, he is responsible for client and employee training for products such as APX, Axys, and Geneva. In his spare time when not working or perfecting French cooking techniques in his kitchen,

Trent owns and operates Dreamrack Studios, a professional recording studio in San Francisco where he can be found producing and engineering music for various artists.