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#27: Behind the Innovation | How SS&C Advent is Meeting Tomorrow's Market Needs

In this episode of Tech It Up, we delve into the cutting-edge enhancements to our asset management solutions, exploring key trends and innovations shaping the industry and our technology, such as tax-loss harvesting, increase in SMAs, and operational transparency.

Rita Chiu, Managing Director of Product Management, and Al Castillo, Managing Director of Solutions Management, share a glimpse into our strategic roadmap for our core solutions, emphasizing the shift towards a fully cloud-based delivery model through the Genesis Platform. This conversation is more than a recap of our latest enhancements; it's an in-depth look at how SS&C Advent's solutions are evolving as we reimagine how investment management firms achieve operational alpha.

Discover how SS&C Advent is innovating solutions to improve operational workflows and address market needs, ensuring your business is not just prepared, but ahead of the curve.


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Rita Chiu

Guest Speaker | Managing Director of Product Management, SS&C Advent

Rita Chiu is the Managing Director of Product Management at SS&C Advent. Rita started at Advent in 2012 as a product manager for Geneva and in 2015 became part of the starting team for Genesis, the firm’s cloud-native portfolio construction and order creation solution.

Today Rita leads a team of product managers responsible for the front and middle office solutions at Advent and the Genesis platform.  Before Advent, Rita held similar roles at Fidelity Investments and BlackRock.

Rita has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Boston University’s Questrom School of Business.

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Al Castillo

Guest Speaker | Managing Director of Solutions Management, SS&C Advent

Al Castillo is the Managing Director of Solutions Management at SS&C Advent. As the leader of the Managed Services team, Al provides guidance to wealth and asset management clients on the most suitable managed services for their business and technology requirements. Al has been with the company since 2000 and has served in multiple roles throughout his tenure.

Al holds a B.S. in Information Technology from University of Phoenix.

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Jasmin Conner

Host | Sales Engineer, Black Diamond, SS&C Advent

Jasmin Conner is a Sales Engineer for Black Diamond, an SS&C Advent company. She has an extensive background in working with wealth management to understand their unique business and technology needs and provide tailored solutions and services to meet those needs.

Based out of the great city of Jacksonville, FL, Jasmin enjoys spending quality time with her family, volunteering in her community, and exploring her interests in economics, history, and art.

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Trent Berry

Host | SS&C Advent

Informally known as ”The Voice of University,” Trent Berry joined SS&C Advent at the turn of the century in 2000, having previously worked in Support and Consulting before occupying his current long standing role as Advent’s Senior Instructional Designer As such, he is responsible for client and employee training for products such as APX, Axys, and Geneva. In his spare time when not working or perfecting French cooking techniques in his kitchen,

Trent owns and operates Dreamrack Studios, a professional recording studio in San Francisco where he can be found producing and engineering music for various artists.