Product Brief


Industry standard portfolio management and reporting. 

SS&C Advent’s industry-leading portfolio management solution brings speed, accuracy, and flexibility to all your portfolio management and accounting functions.

With Axys® as the cornerstone, hundreds of investment management firms reap tangible benefits—better decisions, increased productivity, reduced errors, lower overhead, and enhanced client service. Axys provides these robust reporting capabilities and operational efficiencies for:

  • Asset managers and wealth managers who need a turnkey solution with robust reporting.
  • Family offices that prefer a proprietary database and an extensive library of reports.


Complete portfolio management

With Axys, you can:

  • Manage a vast array of security types, including money market and other cash types, variable rate municipal bonds, corporate and government bonds, mortgage-backed securities (MBS), and step-up bonds.
  • Track and analyze fixed income characteristics including yield method, amortization and accretion, duration, odd coupon dates, ratings, tax status, and more.
  • Select accounting treatments: tax lot or average cost accounting, trade date or settlement date accounting.
  • Manage and report on portfolios grouped in many ways: by manager, asset class, investment objective, or any category you wish.
  • Track and report on commission by purpose or broker, including soft dollar totals.


Customizable reporting and graphics

  • Place multiple reports, graphs, and objects on one page in a way that can be fully automated for repeated use across many groups of portfolios.
  • Create reports that are as polished in presentation as they are in-depth in content.
  • Choose from hundreds of high quality pre-defined reports, or create your own with the easy-to-use Axys Report Writer Pro.
  • Communicate quickly and effectively with your clients by using high-impact graphics in your reports—pie charts, line graphs, bar charts, and more.


Comprehensive performance measurement

  • Create blended benchmarks and track the component indices historically.
  • Update performance history for significant contributions and withdrawals in one step.
  • Facilitate compliance with the GIPS performance measurement and reporting standards.
  • Calculate time-weighted and internal rates of return—before or after management fees.
  • Display performance—by portfolios, asset classes, sectors, countries, or regions.
  • Compare performance against the indices, including synthetic indices.
  • Create composites by using composite management features and reporting to track portfolio entry and exit dates.


Axys, Advent’s turnkey portfolio management and reporting solution delivers:

  • Sophisticated accounting and performance measurement facilitating GIPS compliance
  • Accurate, timely data for your investment decision making
  • Improved readiness for SEC examinations
  • Customizable reporting
  • Flexibility, ease of use, and automation
  • Integrated multicurrency capabilities
  • Substantial fixed income capabilities
  • Integrated corporate actions processing
  • Drill-down access to detailed data directly from reports


Sophisticated, integrated multicurrency reporting

Axys offers integrated multi-currency capabilities:

  • Restate reports in any currency.
  • Automatically calculate international withholding tax.
  • Identify components of returns (bifurcation) attributable to market prices versus currency rate fluctuations.
  • Define and track trading, income, and risk currencies for each security


Automated Access to Your Information Via Electronic Interfaces

  • Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone data entry by using automated electronic interfaces to a host of service providers.
  • Populate your files with domestic and international prices, fundamental data, spot and forward exchange rates, index data, and more via the Axys interface to ICE Data Service.
  • Automate reconciliation of trade information, settlement data, transactions, and positions with the interfaces to the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC), brokerage firms, and custodians.
  • Access data from a wide variety of custodians via a single, secure connection to the Advent Custodial Data (ACD) network.
  • Streamline corporate actions processing with Advent Corporate Actions®


For more information on Axys for your organization, request a personalized demo.

Product Brief