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Eliminate reconciliation headaches

Let’s face it: reconciliation is a pain. Advent Custodial Data saves hours of work and reduces the risk of manual errors in the daily reconciliation process. Every day, it automatically consolidates account-level information from more than 800 custodians and funds for reconciliation, and posts this into your Advent portfolio management and reporting system. With all the data available before you arrive at work, you can complete the process with fewer people in less time, and free up staff to focus on exceptions.

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Why choose this solution

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Automated daily data feeds from 800+ custodians
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Available data includes positions, transactions and cash activity
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Data is standardized for immediate use in your Advent system
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Trade date-based data available before the market opens on T+1
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Data is available through a single, secure internet connection
Since we have quite a high volume of transactions, we’ve tried to automate and have as little staff as possible with as much efficiency as possible. Advent’s STP solutions give us that ability.

- Edward Wright, Senior Manager and Trust Officer
Piedmont Financial Trust Company

Advent Custodial Data

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Save hours in daily reconciliation. Eliminate manual processes, reduce the risk of errors and complete the reconciliation process faster with fewer people, with Advent Custodial Data.