The Solution

Eliminate reconciliation headaches

Advent Market Data (AMD) provides you with a single, cloud-based platform with connectivity to several leading, global market data sources. This allows Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX) to acquire critical data in order to manage your portfolios seamlessly. As a cloud-based solution, AMD delivers these capabilities quickly, helping reduce the overheads associated with separately installed interfaces.

AMD builds on our long history of delivering the high-value data our clients depend on. Through a single connection, AMD provides you with access to leading global providers of market data and their content, including but not limited to Bloomberg, ICE, Thomson Reuters and Stamdata.

Why choose this solution

Multiple data sources in a single platform
Reduced costs and risks
Seamless integration dramatically reduces the risk of data errors compared to manual data entry or outdated P2P solutions
Data sources simultaneously update downstream systems like APX
Improved operational efficiency
Reduces disruptions caused by data sources making technology changes
Rich in data elements not previously available
Cloud delivery reduces additional infrastructure and internal maintenance
Flexibility mapping and adding security information codes
Advent Market Data eliminated spreadsheets and scripts, and it does it all in the cloud.
Peter Fiveash, Operations Manager
Somerset Capital Management
Advent Market Data

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Faster, easier, more efficient data access. Spend less time collecting and compiling data and more time putting it to effective use, with Advent Market Data.

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