The Solution

Not all data is created equally

The reports you create — and the decisions you make — are only as good as the data they are based on. Advent Data Solutions delivers accurate custodial, corporate actions and benchmark data directly into your portfolio management and trading platforms, how and when you need it.

Base your decisions on data you can trust with our comprehensive suite of cloud-delivered data services, including: 

Market Data Portfolio Data
Advent Corporate Actions Advent Custodial Data
Advent Index Data Advent Portfolio Data
Advent Market Data Advent Transport
  Advent Custodial Data for non-Advent systems

Why choose this solution

flexibility icon
Broad data coverage and flexible tools to help manage your workflow
reconciliation workflow icon
Consolidation and normalization of portfolio data for reconciliation
governance icon
Asset verification for regulatory compliance
secure icon
Data from a single, secure internet connection
safety icon
Robust data security infrastructure using industry best practices
daily icon
24/7 global connectivity
efficient icon
Timely gathering of data creates more time to use it effectively
trading rebalancing icon
Technical and legal framework to manage permissioning, collection and normalization of data
As we expand, this cloud solution will be worth its weight in gold, because we can all access the same data.

- Peter Fiveash, Operations Manager
Somerset Capital Management

Advent Data Solutions

Complementary Solutions

Advent Corporate Actions

Benefit from advanced knowledge of corporate actions; reduce risk of manual errors with automated transactions.

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Advent Custodial Data

Access timely and consolidated account-level information from a growing network of portfolio data sources.

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Advent Index Data

Automate receipt of index performance data at the security and sector level, directly into Advent Portfolio Exchange.

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Advent Market Data

Integrate your market data sources seamlessly in the cloud.

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Advent Managed Services

With Advent Managed Services, you have the flexibility to customize a wide range of specific solutions and services designed to meet your unique needs.

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Advent Portfolio Data

Gain greater access to portfolio data sources, additional instrument coverage and automated downloads upon data availability.

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Advent Portfolio Exchange®

Increase efficiency with APX, a centralized and scalable platform for all your portfolio, relationship, and prospect data.

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