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Streamline data management

Producing timely and accurate performance reports for clients or prospective clients is an essential activity within investment management firms. Simply describing period-to-period changes in value is only the start: the most compelling reports clearly demonstrate how your portfolio managers’ decisions and results compare to an industry standard index, representing a specific investment style or strategy.

Analyzing performance - uncovering the sources of returns relative to an index - requires detailed index performance data. However, without Advent Index Data, manually obtaining, reconciling, and loading index data is a complex operational challenge.

Why choose this solution

Using Advent Index Data is the most efficient way to download S&P and Russell index data directly into APX
Flexible choices are available, depending on your needs: data from common indices; index data at industry sector level; index data at security level; and historical data based on timeframes you select
Streamline data management and operations workflows
Index data enriches APX’s performance analytics functionality, allowing you to improve efficiency and accuracy.
Advent Index Data

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Performance and attribution reporting made easy. Need additional indexes? Advent Index Data offers US market-based, daily performance data from S&P and Russell, for use in APX analytics reports.

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