SS&C Innovest solutions are unsurpassed in scalability and configurability for each client, making them the choice of many of the largest Trust Companies, Banks, Wealth Management firms, Retirement Platforms, and Philanthropic organizations in the industry.

A comprehensive administrative, operations, investment and tax reporting product suite developed with growth, integration and data security in mind. Software & managed services designed for the client markets you serve now and in the future.

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Trust Solution

In today’s competitive environment, you need a significant advantage over your competition to attract, service, and retain your customers. That is why SS&C Innovest pioneered the concept of real-time, cloud-based trust accounting and wealth management technology with InnoTrust. Featuring fast, highly secure, responsive, and customizable access and control - ensuring that for you and your clients, nothing ever falls through the cracks.


Seamless integrations into SS&C products such as the Black Diamond Wealth®, Salentica® CRM’s and more ensure that your firm is able to leverage the power of the complete SS&C ecosystem.

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Payment Solutions

With the exponential growth in demand for qualified and non-qualified plan distribution payments, you need a solution that supports high-volume payment processing with the controls and workflows to allow you to scale. InnoPay is the most advanced and comprehensive cloud-based payments processing application for recurring, lump-sum, and off-cycle payments.  With our rule-based payments system-of-record, you can be confident in the accuracy of your current and future effective date payments, deductions, and withholding calculations.


Our experienced service team will process and securely fulfill your electronic and print outputs including payments, confirms, and tax forms.  Leveraging our infrastructure and expertise, Payment Solutions also offers fulfillment services from externally sourced systems for checks, tax forms, and various other types of client communications.

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Unique Assets

SS&C Innovest is the nationally recognized authority in the OCC designated Unique and Hard to Value Assets. Including TMMS and TRMS, built specifically for the highly complex and detailed needs of oil & gas interests, real estate, closely-held businesses and notes and loans. Industry best practices, procedures, and workflows are tailored to your organization and business models. Daily compliance, operations, processing, and reporting seamlessly integrate with your other accounting applications.


MineralWare serves as the leading dashboard for managing minerals, royalties, and non-operated working interests. With extensive revenue and land reporting feature, MineralWare allows interest owners to organize, manage, and audit their assets in one easy to use software interface.

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Managed Services

SS&C Innovest’s unique Managed Services solutions support all our trust and wealth management products and are customizable to fit your back-office outsourcing needs. From simple document printing or custodial services to call center or back office operations, organizations across the country, from community banks to national organizations, empower SS&C Innovest to manage these services for their clients.


SS&C Innovest continues raising the bar on accounting and outsourcing for oil & gas interests, real estate, closely held businesses, and notes and loans.

Why choose these solutions

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Modern, customizable reporting
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Highly configurable
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Seamless integrations with SS&C ecosystem
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SS&C Innovest

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