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01 June 2022

The Benefits of Compounding: An Ever More Powerful and Trusted SS&C Advent Solution for Investment Managers

“If you master continuous improvement and get 1% better each day for one year, you'll end up 37 times better by the time you're done.” I read James Clear’s Atomic Habits during the start of the pandemic – mostly in the context of a parent looking for ways to impart better habits on my children (and myself) – and it reminded me of the benefits that continuous improvements in good software can have for users. 

While I’m not sure our software became 37 times better over the year, I am confident we delivered material improvements for investment managers in the 22.1 releases of Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX)Moxy and Advent Rules Manager – the portfolio accounting, reporting, trading and compliance components of the Advent Investment Suite.

With this year’s release, we introduced a variety of enhancements to expand integrations, improve system performance, and simplify users’ workflows, ultimately enabling investment managers to better serve their constituents and transform their business. Got became

Expanded Connectivity, Settlement Workflows, and Responsiveness

We continued to expand and optimize workflows for traders, trade operations and compliance professionals. With the ongoing digitization of order, execution, and allocation communications, the 22.1 release of Moxy introduces additional FIX connectivity support for fixed income, FX, and equity trading, various broker algorithm updates, and streamlined settlement workflows with FIX allocations, our SSCNet, and DTCC CTM.

We launched a redesigned, modern browser experience in Advent Rules Manager, our pre and post-trade compliance offering, to follow design learnings from our previous redesigns of APX and Tamale. The modern browser provides a more consistent experience across distinct but integrated solutions within the suite and better access to key compliance information.

We also invested heavily in platform-oriented capabilities that might not deliver catchy headlines, but deliver value clients will very much appreciate in areas around system performance and scalability, suite integration, and Moxy’s transition to more cloud deployments. For example, for firms managing tens or hundreds of thousands of accounts, we delivered performance improvements in some account selection workflows resulting in time-savings of 99%. We tuned our near real-time integration with APX as an accounting and reference data source and expanded data passed to Genesis, our innovative, cloud native portfolio management and rebalancing solution, which allows firms to efficiently manage customized portfolios at scale.

Integrated and Reliable Independent Investment Book of Record

Ensuring precise, independent, and timely position, cost, performance and reference data for portfolios and composites has always been a cornerstone of APX. In the 22.1 release, we offer clients further capabilities to enable faster, more accurate reconciliations and client reporting, expanded modern integration methods, and improved access to key client and operational information.  Some highlights of the release include:

  • Availability of more than 60 RESTful APIs for accounting, reference and market data including the first version of a historical change tracking API to ensure APX’s accounting data can be effectively pushed to our new cloud data platform, Genesis Insights, other SS&C Advent solutions, and client 3rd party data warehouses
  • Expanded, more configurable connectivity for market and reference data to ICE Data services via Advent Market Data (AMD), our cloud based market data connectivity platform
  • New reporting capabilities enabling firms better access to performance attribution and analytics reporting, cost basis, and user session audit data

Lastly, with the 22.1 release we continued improving the new user interface to provide faster and more intuitive access to critical portfolio data, with a more modern look, lighter footprint, and expanded browser support. The new UI improves access to APX data via Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and provides a consistent user experience across the full AIS Suite – APX, Moxy, Rules Manager, and Genesis.

I can commit to extending our streak of 30+ years building and maintaining one of the most trusted, scalable, and accurate solution suites for asset and wealth managers worldwide. With this release, and many of the projects we are working on, we aim to future-proof investment managers’ end-to-end operations.

For more information, visit our Advent Investment Suite solutions page.