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27 September 2023

Building Scalable Growth with Personalized Portfolios

“Investment firms need a technology provider that is keeping up with the changing environment.” — Karen Geiger, SVP and Co-General Manager, SS&C Advent.

In the ever-evolving, complex financial markets, investment managers encounter numerous challenges, including navigating the competing demands of investors, regulatory requirements, and advancements in technology. This year alone, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has proposed 18 new rules, with no signs of slowing down. [1]

Despite this, according to the Investment Adviser Association's 2023 Industry Snapshot Report, over the past five years, more than 22 million additional individuals have engaged investment advisers for asset management. [2] This growth prompts investment firms to make short- and long-term strategic plans to stay competitive and profitable. Given this, firms are evaluating:

  • How can I attract and retain investors?
  • Which accounts and segments should I pursue?
  • What services should I offer?
  • What technology do I need?

To assist our clients in answering these questions, SS&C Advent partnered with Institutional Investor to survey the investment management community. The results are available in The Search for Scalable Growth report. One thing is clear from this study: financial personalization and modern technology are now non-negotiable fundamentals in investment management.

The Pursuit of Personalization

The trend of personalization and customized outcomes is everywhere. From social media advertising and suggested TV shows to tailored music on streaming platforms – society is inundated with tailored content. The individualized experience doesn’t stop there. Investors expect tailor-made investment portfolios that benefit their financial goals and personal interests.

The Search for Scalable Growth found that investors are willing to pay a premium for portfolios tied to their individual needs. Portfolio managers who can deliver a personalized approach will build trust and strengthen their client relationships. An SS&C Advent client describes this relationship as respecting “what clients are passionate about” and being responsive to their expectations.[3] The challenge for investment managers is to deliver this experience for each client at scale.

The challenge for investment managers is to deliver this experience for each client at scale.

The Power of Technology

According to The Search for Scalable Growth, 47% of survey respondents argued that their firm’s lack of technology for account management and investment decision-making is impacting profitability, with 90% of respondents saying they plan to make investments in their portfolio management and investment decision technology within the next two years. 

Increasingly, firms are looking to technology that enables:

  • Automation: The right portfolio management platform should automate the process of complex portfolio construction and rebalancing while delivering speed and efficiency to security selection and portfolio modeling.
  • Operational Efficiency: When paired with managed services, firms can provide personalized portfolios and redirect their valuable time and resources toward what truly matters: nurturing client relationships, fostering growth, and delivering exceptional financial expertise, unburdened by the intricacies of technology and compliance in an ever-expanding marketplace.

Personalized portfolios are the future of investment management. Firms that invest in technology and services to support this tailored offering to a diverse clientele will build a scalable business model, delivering long-term value. At SS&C Advent, we are excited about the future of investment management technology and are committed to empowering our clients to stay competitive.



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