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14 November 2023

Future Proofing Geneva with the October Release

The SS&C Advent Geneva team works year-round to move the platform forward, ensuring it keeps pace with changing business requirements, market pressures, and new product offerings. Simultaneously, the team continues to leverage new technologies and look for ways to streamline workflows, eliminate manual steps, and deliver an efficient and differentiated experience. Twice a year, the team is excited to release these impactful updates to further support our clients in their quest to achieve operational excellence.

Key Features of the October Release

In a recent episode of Tech It Up, a monthly podcast by SS&C Advent, host Trent Berry and Jasmin Conner spoke with Brant Snyder, Director, Product Management, and Niamh Kerrigan, Strategic Relationship Manager. The group enjoyed a lively conversation covering the October 2023 release, including what they are most excited about, what new features will positively impact client workflows, and what is to come on the Geneva roadmap in 2024.

The success of Geneva is built entirely on our partnership with our clients. As a result, much of the investment in Geneva’s R&D is based on the reciprocal relationship that provides an open dialogue between clients and the Geneva team to help us build and future-proof the platform. As Kerrigan emphasizes, it is the value of client feedback and open dialogues we have that influence this release. The focus on client needs greatly impacts the direction the roadmap takes. Workspaces and enhanced bank loan functionality are key features of this collaboration in this release.

During the conversation, Snyder revealed that the General Ledger Workspace is what he is most excited about in this release cycle. This interactive Workspace centralizes financial account balances for portfolios or groups of portfolios, enabling our clients to quickly sort, filter, and query components contributing to Net Asset Value (NAV). Snyder explains that this new Workspace empowers clients to gain better insights, investigate NAV impacts, address audit requests, and resolve reconciliation issues efficiently.

Market Trends and the Release

Current market trends and the evolving complexity of fund structures are key influences on what features are prioritized for each release. Snyder mentions that in this release, there are new enhancements to track notional capital and post-capital calls, along with improvements to side pocket functionality. This commitment to adapting to market changes and continuing to build out complex fund structure capabilities demonstrate the team’s forward-thinking approach to Geneva development.

Modernizing Geneva for a Better User Experience

The Geneva modernization plan is a key focus for the team to improve the user experience. Kerrigan stresses that modernization is about keeping up with the timesand, more importantly, exceeding client expectations. Over the last few releases, the introduction of new Workspaces and reporting tools has empowered our clients to get things done in a faster, more efficient manner, allowing them to remain focused on achieving operational Alpha.

The Future of Geneva

Echoing the sentiment of their teammates, both Snyder and Kerrigan express their excitement for the future of Geneva and SS&C Advent. Working with a global team that still has a sense of unity and collaboration sets this group apart. Watching them come together and find solutions to complex problems is inspiring. As Snyder commented, the most exciting part about Geneva is working with dedicated teams and witnessing their problem-solving abilities.

To hear the full conversation, listen to the podcast now. If you’re interested in learning more about Geneva, contact us or request a demo.