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21 November 2023

More than Words: Connecting with Our Community Matters, Reflections from SS&C Deliver

Connections, collaboration, and communication are the core reasons for our long-standing client relationships and the motivation for hosting our annual conference, SS&C Deliver. However, hearing it directly from our clients this year in Austin, Texas, was more inspiring and meaningful. Listening to them express a desire for even more opportunities to connect with their peers and our solutions and product teams made the event all the more worth it. And, we’re committed to making that happen.

SS&C Advent is borne from accounting; our primary goal is solving our client’s complex accounting and operational workflows. And, believe us, our clients are amazing at churning out fancy, new, sophisticated problems for us to solve. Yet, beyond accounting and operational headaches, SS&C Advent has deep roots in working with our clients to build solutions and products together that solve our client’s problems today and prepare them for tomorrow. Well, this year at SS&C Deliver - during countless conversations, roundtables, focus groups, and meetings - it became clear that this commitment is more than words on paper. We are dedicated to collaborating with our clients to create innovative solutions that help them succeed.

Geneva | Focusing on Collaboration & Communication

Geneva is a community; the sentiment is palpable. From a fire-hazard, standing-room-only focus group session, to engaging peer-to-peer roundtables, to celebrating and listening to live music in the evening, connections were cemented, and memories made.

During the focus group and Geneva Roadmap session, clients communicated what new features are game changers to their operations and what items we should consider on future roadmaps. Watching clients test new features at the Product Lounge and Labs designed with client workflows in mind was exciting. We thrive on hearing your insightful feedback, particularly on the ability to analyze NAVs and Journal Entries with the new General Ledger Workspace, released this October. Lastly, we couldn’t wait to tell our teams at home your positive perspective on Query Builder, the workflows in Operations Hub, and our plans for Managed Migrations for Managed Applications clients.

Our clients are eager to lean into this community of like-minded professionals and are looking to us to provide opportunities for them to connect and share experiences. This excites us more than you know, and we are excited to host quarterly virtual focus groups commencing in December. Stay tuned for our schedule, and please let us know what sessions would be most impactful to your daily operations.

The Future of AIS | Advancing Your Connected Investment Experience

Our Advent Investment Suite (AIS) clients are eager to learn more about the future of our cornerstone solutions; this was visibly evident from our standing-room-only session at the conference.

Clients learned a great deal from the thorough update on each of our core solutions that devise the suite: Advent Genesis, APX, Managed Services, and Data Solutions. It was beyond energizing to watch our clients light up as the team walked through the evolution of the Genesis Data Platform. The future of Genesis will move our clients forward in the coming years. It is inspiring to witness the story resonate in the room and to hear the feedback provided. It reminds you how important it is to communicate, collaborate, and connect.

The takeaway from SS&C Deliver: we have a clear mission, and we are committed to enabling you to scale your business, manage your portfolios, and service your investors with confidence, all with a connected experience. As we plan for 2024, we are excited to continue connecting with our community as we build solutions for our client’s business tomorrow.

Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?

We left the City of Austin even more energized and committed to making the coming year impactful for our clients. We all left with our takeaways, to-do lists, and follow-ups, but most importantly and more than words, we left the city excited to embark on this journey with our clients. That’s the purpose of SS&C Deliver, and we can’t wait to welcome clients to Louisiana in October 2024.