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11 January 2022

LIBOR, PE, and the cloud delivery: Recapping the Most-Read SS&C Advent Geneva® Blogs of 2021

2021 was a year of firsts and will be remembered for many reasons. For alternative investment firms, however 2021 will likely stand out as the year LIBOR began phasing out, as a record year for global M&A with private equity leading the charge, and how firms increasingly moved core digital and operational technology to the cloud.

The Top Five: Take a glimpse into the top five most-read Geneva-related blogs of 2021.


1. Cloud in the Forecast: Karen Geiger and Steve Levient Discuss SS&C Advent’s Future with Waters Technology

In early 2021, SS&C Advent’s Co-General Managers met with Waters Technology for a conversation on the company’s direction. They discussed enhancing our cloud initiatives as our clients continue to need flexible and scalable delivery options for their data and operations. Karen and Steve envision an all-cloud future, and SS&C’s current offerings, including Geneva as a managed service, are the bridge to that future. This blog captures the highlights of their interview.


2. Discover the Newest Features in Geneva’s Latest Release

New platform releases capture attention, and our users want to know about new features BEFORE they become available. In most cases, Geneva enhancements are driven directly by ongoing client dialogue, and this blog demonstrated how our client’s valuable feedback directly influenced the Geneva April 2021 annual release. It also outlined the Geneva product strategy for helping investment firms manage the transition out of the LIBOR era.


3. The Operational Challenges for Private Equity

With continued focus on the technology sector, as well as other industries such as retail, insurance, and more, private equity is a standout performer among asset classes, and have compelled alternative fund managers to enter the market. When they do, however, there are critical operational complexities to consider beyond what they may be accustomed to, as well as investor demand for greater transparency and accounting clarity. This blog summarizes a recent SS&C Advent white paper, outlining the changing landscape of private equity and what organizations should prepare for as they venture into this asset class.


4. Geneva Profiles: Conversations on Supporting and Training Clients

Geneva users expressed wanting to know the people behind the platform – particularly those they rely on for support and product knowledge. Our “Geneva Profiles” blog series explores the humans who make it all happen. In this blog both a senior consultant and a principal trainer discuss how they help clients discover the most value from the Geneva platform and provide support overall, and how, in turn, they are learning from our clients.


5. Sea Change: Ensuring Operational and Technology Readiness with Geneva

The cessation of LIBOR was undoubtedly one of the largest disruptors facing firms who invest in debt securities as 2021 came to a close. For years, the Geneva team had been working closely with clients to minimize said disruption. This blog was part of an effort to keep our clients informed on the accounting and operational impacts, the shifting transition timelines and regulatory expectations, and the proactive role SS&C Advent took to support our clients – and the industry at large – navigate this seismic change.


What is next in 2022?


We will continue to guide clients in a post-LIBOR world, as well as help firms across the alternative space diversify into new asset classes. Our solutions consultants and professional services teams will also continue to help clients migrate to the new technologies, and our developers will deliver a raft of solution enhancements based on Geneva users’ requests and suggestion. Whether via digital channels or other communication platforms, the sharing of ideas and insights is vital to the continued success of Geneva and our clients and we look forward to increased engagement in 2022 and beyond.