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10 November 2021

Streamline your workflows with the latest Geneva release

Client ideas and feedback are the chief drivers of our Geneva® development process at SS&C Advent. As part of our biannual release cycle, this October we’ve announced the latest Geneva enhancements that focus on streamlining your operational workflows and enhancing your user experience.

In the Geneva October release, your experience is significantly enriched with the release of the Audit Workspace and Query Builder via the web-based Workspaces. This release also continues to build out requirements that help our clients prepare for the LIBOR Cessation, as well as responds to requirements for closed-end investor accounting. Additionally, there are upgrades to managing fund expenses, continued automation for processing options, and new tools to streamline feeds to data warehouses.

Workspaces improve data access and simplify manual tasks

To empower clients further with next generation features, this release concentrates on the continued evolution of Geneva’s user-centric workspaces to simplify and automate complex tasks, as well as offering a more modern and flexible integration and interface by providing new, value-added and data driven solutions. Workspaces enhanced in this release include:

  • Audit workspace: Allows clients to view all audit data details between two knowledge dates in one searchable, filterable, and sortable location with drill-through capability
  • Query builder: Provides clients with a web-based data query interface with guided workflows, user-friendly column selection, and intuitive base queries

Enhancements to options and fund expense processing

This release provides automation of exercising options on future contracts including intra-day expirations, commissions, and Bund options. These enhancements include:

  • Options on futures: Automation of exercising/assigning of futures that are in-the-money, considering time-of-exercise and extended commission requirements
  • Options on Bund Futures: Support for European Bund variation to allow premiums to hit cash on expiration date

Since the decision to sunset LIBOR, the Geneva team is actively listening to the market and addressing key requirements, as well as proactively providing clients with timely details on development plans that impacts their workflows. To help push information to our clients in a consistent fashion, we have launched the Geneva LIBOR Cessation page, which is now available on Advent Community.

Streamline data governance and exception management

Continuing with the theme of enhancing your user experience, we continue to focus on our exception management and data governance application, Advent Lumis®. Lumis is tightly integrated with and accessible through Geneva, allowing clients to manage multiple data views through a centralized, intuitive operations dashboard that enable quick access to:

  • Real-time data file transmission metrics
  • Data exception details
  • Reconciliation summary information
  • Workflow status updates

In addition, the new bulk settings feature in Lumis is specifically designed to increase efficiencies when customizing workflows, compliance rules, and datasets. This allows users to quickly import and export all custom data from one environment to another when adding and/or upgrading environments.

Proven technology for the life of your firm

Our reciprocal relationship with Geneva clients is second to none and the qualitative feedback they provide propels us to build trusted solutions. Geneva is the proven solution for asset managers, hedge funds, fund administrators, prime brokers, and mutual funds that require a high level of operational efficiency and easy access to real-time data. Geneva enables firms to manage complex investment vehicles, multiple investment strategies, and tiered fund structures. What’s more, SS&C Advent is continually reinvesting in enhancements to keep our clients ahead of an ever-evolving, global marketplace.

For a comprehensive list of all the new features and functionalities available, clients are encouraged to visit Advent Community. To learn how your firm can grow with Geneva, request a demo.