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13 February 2020

Tamale RMS Wins at the HFM US Technology Awards

We’re honored that SS&C Advent has received the award for “Best Research Management Solution” at the HFM US Technology Awards for Tamale RMS®. We are committed to continuous product reinvestment and a client feedback driven roadmap that powers our clients’ research process and enhances their investment decision making. It’s an honor to be recognized.

Tamale RMS® is purpose-built by and for investment professionals and is much more than a repository for collecting and organizing research information. It is a powerful tool that helps firms make sense of all the data they gather and apply it more effectively – enabling teams to filter out the noise, connect the dots, ideate , and ultimately make more -informed investment decisions.

Data Revolution

The data revolution is not slowing down. The deluge of research information flowing into investment firms is only growing, as is the risk of key findings slipping through the cracks. As a result, investment teams may not be applying their collective knowledge as effectively as possible in idea generation, deliberations, and decisions. Moreover, there’s an increasing need for firms to document the rationale of their investment decisions for compliance, in addition to clients and prospects wanting to know you have a disciplined, transparent decision-making process.

Tamale helps solve for these market pressures and keeps the investment process compliant. Additionally, Tamale is backed by a global support team and dedicated RMS experts who help firms take full advantage of the system’s capabilities for use it most effectively. Our professional implementation services helps clients get up and running quickly to realize value from day one.


We’re proud of the work that’s been done on Tamale and with the continued investment we’ve injected more power into search functionality, added new research views, and introduced customizable home screens where users can surface their most important research data quickly. We've also made it easy to integrate data from accounting systems including Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX) and other third party applications. With these integrations and new data presentation enhancements, our clients can leverage dashboards to report on performance and accounting data, along with their most important research data points. These presentation enhancements add visibility into research activity over the past 30/60/90 days for institutional clients who can also analyze their funds by status, asset class, and geography.  With our cloud and hosted offering, investment and due diligence teams are able to access, view, add, update and categorize research data more quickly and easily than ever.

Empowering our clients to take full advantage of the latest technology and remain vigilant in a constantly evolving market presents so many opportunities. We appreciate the confidence they have in us as their strategic partner, and extend a huge thank you to HFM judges for this recognition. The press release contains additional detail on our recent work.  We are excited to continue to build on the success of this year, and beyond with a continued focus on our clients and their journey.