The Solution

Get invoices out and payments in, faster

Advent Revenue Center® is the comprehensive solution for streamlining billing and revenue management workflows. Specifically designed for investment managers who charge fees based on portfolio valuations, it helps firms define and manage complex fee structures, automate the production of invoices and debit letters, and generate forecasts and reports.

Advent Revenue Center helps firms maximize revenue, increase efficiencies, and reduce risks and errors.

Why choose this solution

Easy-to-use rules template for setting up custom fee schedules
Forecasting functionality using what-if scenarios to project future revenue
Multi-currency invoicing capability
Automated fee calculation and invoice generation
Automatic revenue-sharing calculations for payouts to third parties, such as business development partners
Easy integration and exchange of data with Advent portfolio management platforms
We cut our billing process time in half. What used to take us over a week, now only takes two days.
Leeza Tisnovsky, Controller
Stralem and Company, Inc.
Advent Revenue Center

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Streamline billing and revenue management. Advent Revenue Center provides asset managers with a solution that automates complex billing processes, from fee creation to accounts-receivable management.

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