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12 August 2020

SS&C Advent Honored in Waters Rankings 2020 Awards

We’re honored that the readers of Waters Technology have voted SS&C Advent the “Best Accounting System Provider” in the 2020 Waters Rankings Awards

We invest continuously in our solutions to provide new, value-added, data-driven enhancements that employ emerging technologies to help our clients solve the business issues they face today and tomorrow. It’s gratifying that our industry-leading accounting solutions, Geneva® and Advent Portfolio Exchange® (APX), have received this recognition.

Adapting to Change

As our clients prepare for the end of LIBOR, our team is actively rolling out features to support new benchmarks, such as SOFR and ESTER, and their associated calculations, including daily compounding, flat compounding, and lockout days, to name a few. This transition has a significant impact on many of our clients and our product development, client support, and professional services are ready to support them. 

Within Geneva, we’ve also introduced a new, smart-sync data warehouse solution that automates event-driven updates to a SQL repository. This aids clients in gathering greater insights into their Geneva data, while consolidating information for a robust, centralized data solution. We make it easy to automate the flow of data from Geneva while giving firms the flexibility to choose their preferred reporting and visualization toolset to build meaningful data insights. 

In APX, we’ve extended the system’s robust bond analytics. New performance measurement periods and an updated composite dispersion report now enable greater transparency and more efficient GIPS® reporting. To improve front-middle-back office collaboration our order management and trade creation solution incorporates real-time synchronization of accounting and reference data. We also introduced a powerful new user console for our Advent Outsourcing Services clients to provide transparency, secure communication, streamline workflows, and further, enable our clients’ operational transformations.

Our clients’ ongoing initiatives for operational excellence, increased insight, and the ability to scale and grow are instrumental in driving development across our solutions.

Empowering Clients

Regardless of which solution our clients use, we continue to focus on optimizing the user experience. We want to make our clients’ experience more streamlined, whether through user-centric workspaces that deliver data efficiently and simplify complexity or by delivering powerful technologies through an extensive operational and managed services platform with Advent Outsourcing Services.

In addition to detailed accounting for any asset class, including complex private debt, we’re continuing to enhance Geneva World Investor’s comprehensive support for any fund structure, from open-ended hedge funds to closed-end and hybrid structures. Geneva World Investor supports the position-keeping and accounting needs from fund to investor in a myriad of structures in just one solution. 

Within APX we are advancing user-focused, intuitive workflows, and accounting functionality, including expanded private equity, performance measurement, and derivatives enhancements.

Looking ahead

Either through cloud-native solutions or SaaS, we expect the shift to the cloud to accelerate. We see this with our clients who continue to transition components of their operations to our managed services teams. With a best-in-class servicing model, we’re poised to reach clients across the whole outsourcing continuum regardless of where they are in the adoption lifecycle. Investment in powerful tools that simplify task and exception management, a focus on transparency, streamlining workflows, and communication enhances our ability to respond to regulatory and industry changes.

We extend a huge thank you to our clients who have selected us as a strategic partner and to the Waters Technology readers for this recognition. For more details on our latest enhancements, check out this summary in Waters (Insert Link)and our version 20.1 press release. To find out more about our solutions for investment managers please visit us here, and a representative will be in touch.