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09 July 2024

Interoperability and Efficiency | How SS&C Advent is Meeting Tomorrow's Market Needs

Developing innovative solutions for tomorrow’s investment managers is what drives us at SS&C Advent. Our latest releases mark a significant milestone in the evolution of our offerings, ushering in a new era of our cornerstone applications.  

A Fresh Approach  

To power your investment strategies with a single operational experience, SS&C Advent is introducing the Genesis Platform, which connects purpose-built applications to power the core areas of investment management: portfolio management, trading, analytics, accounting, and reporting. Built on a centralized cloud-based data store, the platform enables teams to access their core solutions, like Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX) and Eze OMS, in one place with a single point of entry. Every team, from the front to the back office, can trust that they are working with the same data to streamline operational workflows, optimize efficiency, and drive firm-wide collaboration.  

In addition to our platform initiatives, the team continues to focus on improving the underlying applications that support the Genesis Platform, including:  

  • Front office applications: Genesis, Eze OMS, and Moxy are developing significant enhancements to augment the user experience. A few enhancements include UI consistency across all applications, tax loss harvesting, household management, and a streamlined UMA experience. 
  • Back office applications: Improvements within APX include developments in scalability, system performance, and integrations. Further enhancements address performance calculation for non-continuous investments, enabling users to calculate a segment's performance and corresponding index using the latest investment data rather than the portfolio's performance start date. This is particularly useful for firms with strategies that transition between asset classes or segments.

Beyond Our Cornerstone Solutions  

SS&C Advent Managed Services further expands its offerings with the Console. This intuitive communication portal gives clients a detailed, real-time view of the status of their selected services, data feeds, and automations. Historically, the Console has only been available to firms leveraging our managed operations; however, the functionality is being introduced to our managed applications clients to manage automation jobs and scheduling. Other focus areas include:  

  • Incorporating SS&C Blue Prism into daily workflows.
  • Extending public APIs to show reconciliation status at the portfolio level.
  • Better exception management for multi-strategy portfolios or “sleeves”, whereby the user can see “swept” transactions and move them as needed.

The dedicated release cycles of our core applications enables us to provide our clients with actionable solutions to meet their operational needs. Each new feature supports our goal of building a singular, unified platform experience covering all facets of the investment lifecycle. For those interested in learning more about SS&C Advent's latest offerings and to understand how these enhancements can revolutionize your investment management practices, listen to our podcast, Behind the Innovation | How SS&C Advent is Meeting Tomorrow's Market Needs