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31 May 2023

Delivering Solutions: New Releases Underscore Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Each year we announce new releases of the SS&C Advent solutions you rely on every day, and this year is no exception. The reality, however, is that we are working on enhancements, improvements, new functionality, and incorporating new technologies into our solution suite all year round. In addition, with more and more clients accessing our products via the cloud, we can introduce many incremental upgrades throughout the year.

A case in point is our data solutions, used for acquiring, managing, and transforming the external data that fuels all of our other solutions. Over the past year, we have been steadily expanding our portfolio of data counterparties and working to improve the timeliness and quality of data delivered through the platform. Now, in the 23.1 release of Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX), we’re rolling out our cloud-based data integration tool, Advent Market Data, to replace and improve upon the market and reference data integrations that have been standard within APX. This expansion will help improve the overall efficiency of back-office operations and ensure that managers have the reliable information they need to do their jobs effectively.

To further dive into all aspects of the release enhancements, we are hosting two client webinars focused on the front and back-office functionality. In the meantime, let's preview the highlights of this year’s releases.

  • Expanded Integrations with APX

    We’ve continued to modernize APX to help our clients stay ahead of changing markets, with a particular emphasis on scalability and integration to support firms as they take on more clients, grow their assets, and expand their lines of business. Our core platform is a scalable operational hub for accounting, reporting, and performance measurement for many asset and wealth managers worldwide. This year, we’ve focused on:

    • Developing new REST APIs to expand the platform’s integration capabilities
    • Increasing report runtimes for firms to quickly access the data they need
    • Enhancing our analytics and attribution reports for deeper insights into portfolio performance

    Increased regulation continues to be a pressure point for our clients. As such, in 2023, we’ve made enhancements to APX to help firms address these compliance issues. For example, with the new SEC Marketing Rule taking effect late last year, we are adding support for model fees for net-of-fee performance calculations for GIPS composites. We are also adding functionality to support the SEC Form 13F reporting required of institutional investment managers.

  • More Power to the Front Office

    Moving from the back to the front office, we continue to optimize performance from Moxy and Advent Rules Manager, our trade order management and compliance suite. We emphasize improving trade order routing, expanding FIX connectivity with existing and new algorithmic trading venues, and enhancing order creation, compliance, and post-trade workflows.

    Advent Genesis, our portfolio management, construction, and order creation platform, is a cloud-native platform that can issue releases throughout the year. The Genesis team issued 43 releases in 2022 and continues implementing impactful enhancements this year. Conceived initially as a lightning-fast tool for rebalancing vast numbers of portfolios and creating trade orders at scale, Genesis is evolving into a comprehensive portfolio management solution, driving front-office productivity, and differentiating investors by providing the ability to efficiently manage complex portfolios. Leveraging Genesis empowers firms to meet investor demand for more personalized portfolios and demonstrate value for the fees they charge. Among the past year’s highlights is the introduction of Portfolio Analysis, an analytics and business intelligence module that enables managers to analyze, understand, and explain their exposure and the drivers of performance across thousands of accounts.

  • Managed Services Picks Up the Pace

    Most of our new clients and many of our long-term clients are opting to run their SS&C Advent solutions in the cloud to offload routine services, such as reconciliation, to our Advent Managed Services team. In response, the team is ramping up its offering, delivering the Managed Services Console last year and continuing to refine it this coming year. The Console gives clients real-time visibility into their operational workflows, and chat capabilities with their operations specialists. Among the new features in the 23.1 release is the infrastructure to support corporate action workflows.

The key takeaway is this: the SS&C Advent solutions you rely on are better today than when you first acquired them and will continue to improve with each succeeding year. We prize our reciprocal and long-standing relationship with our clients and rely heavily on the valuable feedback they provide to help guide our solution roadmaps. We are committed to ensuring your SS&C Advent platform grows with you.

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