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20 September 2018

Black Diamond’s Next-Gen Rebalancer: Built from the ground up for today’s more complex portfolios

Your high-net-worth clients have agreed to an investment strategy and asset allocation based on their goals and risk tolerance. Now, it’s your responsibility to make sure their portfolios stay on strategy, regardless of market movements that may alter the values of their holdings. Keeping portfolios on target through timely rebalancing is essential, but it can also be tedious and time consuming, and there’s virtually no margin for error.

Not surprisingly, advisors have been calling on technology providers more loudly for help, both in streamlining the process and improving the quality of rebalancing. According to the 2017 Investment News Advisor Technology Survey, rebalancing solutions are the fastest-growing category of advisory technology. The need has become all the more urgent in recent years as client portfolios have become more complex and their asset mixes more diversified.

SS&C’s Black Diamond team spent hours listening to clients and non-clients alike to understand what they expected of a modern rebalancing solution for today’s more complex environment. That input informed the development of our next-generation Rebalancer, designed not only to meet those expectations, but to exceed them. This is not a mere upgrade of the previous Black Diamond rebalancing functionality, but a complete rebuild from the ground up – more flexible and powerful, with advanced capabilities like enhanced modeling, tax-efficient rebalancing, proactive portfolio monitoring, and more.

After exhaustive Beta testing with clients, the next-generation Black Diamond Rebalancer was unveiled at SS&C Deliver 2018. We’ve also created an eBook that explains its features in greater detail, and why it will be a critical addition to the integrated technology stack built around the Black Diamond Wealth Platform. We’re excited to bring you this new solution, and we look forward to your feedback.